Settler killed by Palestinian fighters

Palestinian fighters have attacked a settler's car on a West Bank road, killing one person and wounding another, an Israeli military source said.

    A settler wounded in the attack was taken to a Jerusalem hospital

    The source did not identify the casualties but an Israeli emergency service spokesman confirmed the man killed in Friday's shooting was a Jewish settler and that his wife was wounded.

    The attack occurred near the Jewish settlement of Shvut Rachel, east of the Palestinian city of Ramallah.

    Rise in violence

    Israeli-Palestinian relations have plunged further since the collapse last week of a truce that Islamic resistance groups had declared in a nearly three-year-old Intifada or uprising for statehood.

    Israel had not recognised the truce and continued its raids into Palestinian territory.

    The recent violence has included a bus bombing that killed 21 people in Jerusalem on 19 August and the deaths of eight members of the Hamas resistance group in Israeli helicopter missile strikes.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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