Spanish women face violence

Domestic violence against women is still rampant in Spain, despite the country adopting stricter laws to stem the trend.

    Domestic violence is taking a huge toll in Spain

    So far this year, 48 women have been killed by their partners and the latest to die was a  middle-aged woman who was shot dead on Saturday in a Madrid suburb.


    Five women have been killed by their violent partners this month alone.


    The spate of killings have followed an extraordinary session of the Spanish parliament, that met some weeks earlier to pass legislations, empowering women against violence.


    But women continue to often find themselves at the receiving end.


    A 72-year woman was killed by her 76-year old husband in the western city of Valladolid.


    In another case, a 37 year old man stabbed his estranged partner of the same age 17 times.


    The unabated violence is causing concern and a Socialist Party spokesman, Trinidad Jimenez has called for greater police manpower to deal with cases of conjugal violence.


    "Special police units dedictated to protecting women suffering such maltreatment have to be reinforced."


    "We cannot wait until yet another woman dies at her partner's hands," he said.



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