Jordan accused over execution

Human rights watchdog Amnesty International has slammed Jordan for executing a man found guilty of murdering one of Amman's diplomats nine years ago.

    Amnesty International wants Jordan to end death penalty

    Jamal Darwish Fatayri was executed on Monday after being sentenced to death

    for shooting dead Naeb Omran Ma'ayteh, a first secretary at

    the Jordanian embassy in Lebanon.

    Fatayri - who was linked to the former Palestinian fighter Abu Nidal - was hanged at Swaqa prison south of Amman.

    "The trial of Jamal Darwish Fatayri fell seriously short of

    international standards and claims that 'confessions' had been

    extracted under torture were ignored," Amnesty said in a press


    Forced confession

    The organisation called on Jordan to ban the death penalty and to hold

    an independent inquiry into Fatayri's "unfair" trial.

    Claims of torture made by Fatayri and others who have either

    been executed or sentenced to death must also be investigated,

    Amnesty said.

    Jordan has executed more than a dozen people since last year.



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