Aljazeera demands apology from Wolfowitz

Aljazeera has demanded an apology and retraction from US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz after he accused the satellite television channel of biased reporting and inciting violence against occupation troops in Iraq.

    The US has been increasingly critical of Aljazeera since it broadcast American POWs

    In a statement, the channel said Wolfowitz’s claims were “a form of incitement to violence to violence against Aljazeera”. 

    Wolfowitz, speaking on Fox News late on Sunday, claimed the station was connected to foreign governments.

    “These governments should stop and realise that this is not a game,” he said. Asked what Washington was saying to the governments concerned, Wolfowitz did not give a direct answer but said: “These broadcasts are continuing and that’s not satisfactory.”

    US troops released our cameraman and driver overnight after detaining them on Sunday in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul as they were filming an attack on occupation troops.

    Forces confiscated the tape he had filmed. Nawful said he was speaking to a local tribal leader after a family of three were allegedly shot dead by US forces.

    SOURCE: Aljazeera + Agencies


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