Iranian twins die during surgery

The courageous Iranian twins, who captured the hearts of millions across the globe, have lost their battle for life after three days of surgery, doctors said on Tuesday.

    Ladan Bijani (L) died after
    surgery to separate her from
    Laleh (R)

    Ladan Bijani and her Siamese twin sister Laleh were warned they had a 50-50 chance of survival before undergoing surgery which would separate them after 29 years together.


    Ladan passed away after losing a lot of blood, according to a statement issued by Raffles Hospital in Singapore where the operation took place with a 100-strong medical team.


    Laleh's condition was described as critical, but hopes that she would survive were lost when she died a few hours after her sister. 


    “Doctors attempted to stabilize her but her condition continued to deteriorate,” said the statement that was issued at 3:40 pm (0740 GMT), shortly after Ladan’s death.


    “Despite the best efforts of the medical team, Ladan Bijani passed away,” it added.


    Ladan was the more outspoken of the twins. Her sister Laleh remained in a critical condition.


    A team of 24 doctors began the historic operation to separate the twins who were joined at the head. Neurosurgeon Keith Goh led the team. 


    Hours before Ladan’s death, hospital officials announced that the twins were separated and said that they were both in a critical condition.


    “Please pray very hard for them,” said the hospital spokesman, Prem Kumar Nair. 


    Similar operations have been done before, but it was the first time doctors had tried to separate adults.


    Goh warned before the operation that the marathon procedure could lead to the death of one or both of the twins, or leave them in a vegetative state.


    The girls said they were prepared to risk all in the hope of leading independent lives and were counselled over the decision to be separated. Now they have been reunited once more . . . in death.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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