Astrologers rock the seismic world

The ancient skill of astrology is poised to combine with the science of seismology to predict earthquakes in India.

    Astrologers say they can help in predicting tremors

    Around a hundred astrologers and scientists, including seismologists are gathering in the Indian capital of New Delhi for a three-day conference from Friday, to share expertise that hopefully will help in forecasting quakes quickly and accurately.

     “We have been planning this seminar-cum-workshop with astrologers and scientists for over a year. We need to pool our expertise to alert governments to impending earthquakes and natural disasters,” Vijay Madan of the Delhi-based Astrology Study and Research Institute said.

    In a country rocked periodically by tremors - the last big one was in the western province of Gujarat that killed 20,000 people in 2001 - the meet surely has raised expectations.

    'We need to pool our expertise to alert governments to impending earthquakes and natural disasters'

    -Indian Astrologer

     “We consider astrology a science. Based on our scientific astrological predictions governments can take precautions, mitigate the fallout of earthquakes and put effective disaster management plans in place,” Madan said.

    None discounts the need for advance warnings, particularly since a prominent astrologer predicted turbulent times ahead for the world.

    “Earth and Mars are drawing together for their closest approach in some 60,000 years on August 27. Apart from that, the entire planetary configurations are likely to become hostile to the world from August 29,” predicts astrologer Lachman Das Madan.

    To some, the claims could seem bizarre.

    But to others, astrology is a matter of belief. And they believe that with astrology bolstering seismology, the world would be a lot safer.

    SOURCE: Agencies


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