Iranian military plane crashes

An Iranian air force C-130 crashed south of the Iranian capital Tehran on Wednesday, killing at least seven people, state television said.

    The crash occured about 30 km
    south of Tehran

    The report said the four-engine military transport went down in the area of Robat-Karim, around 30 km south of the capital.

    "The plane had seven crew members and passengers on board. All were killed," General Mahmoud Chaploghi was quoted as saying, by the official news agency IRNA.

    The crash occurred as Iranian President Mohammad Khatami was on a tour of Robat-Karim and nearby Shahriar, but officials were quick to say there was no connection between Khatami's visit there and the crash.

    There were no government officials on board the plane. 

    State radio said the crash was caused by technical problems, but gave no further details.



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