Human bomber killed in Gaza

A Palestinian human bomber was killed in the Gaza Strip early Friday. Meanwhile, the United States warned of possible plots to kidnap US citizens in the occupied strip.

    2,468 Palestinians have been
    killed during the Intifada

    The bomber died when his explosive charges went off under Israeli fire as he tried to enter Israel from Gaza.


    The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) claimed responsibility for the planned operation. It said in a statement the operation was supposed to target Israeli soldiers.


    "Troops spotted a man who was trying to infiltrate Israel by crossing the fence near Sufa. They fired at him, a huge blast ensued and he died," an army spokesman said.


    The Israeli army said the operation did not result in any casualties in its ranks.


    The death of the bomber raised the death toll to 3,270 since the start of the Intifada in September 2000.


    According to an AFP count, 2,468 people killed are Palestinians and 742 are Israelis.


    US warnings


    The United States warned its citizens on Friday of possible plots to abduct them in Gaza, advising them to exercise particular caution when they travel there.


    "The US embassy in Tel Aviv has received credible reports of possible plans to kidnap US citizens in Gaza," the embassy said in a brief notice to Americans.



    The embassy urged US citizens to review their personal security situations and to take appropriate actions to ensure their well-being, including consideration of departure from these areas.


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