Israel kills four Palestinians

Israeli occupation troops shot dead four Palestinians in Gaza strip and the West Bank and demolished houses in a raid to the south of Gaza City Wednesday.


    Residents try to salvage
    belongings from rubble

    The raid is the latest in a series of attacks by the Israeli army, fuelling concern that Israel is set on jeopardising the peace "roadmap" drawn up by the Quartet of the UN, US, the European Union and Russia.



    Aljazeera correspondent Samir Abu-Shamala, reporting from Khan Younis, said the three men killed in Gaza were policemen.

    They were part of a group who clashed with an Israeli army special unit as it infiltrated into a central province of the Gaza Strip. Two more policemen men were also hurt in the exchange of fire



    General Abdul-Razaq Al-Majayda, the general director of the Palestinian security said: “This premeditated murder of Palestinian security policemen on duty is evidence that Israelis do not want the peace 'roadmap' to succeed."


    Crowds fired on


    In another attack, Israeli military forces entered Khan Younis to the west of Gaza and demolished three houses. Palestinian sources said some civilians were wounded by Israeli gunfire. 

    The Israeli army entered the area using several military bulldozers and vehicles, backed by Apache helicopters. Shell-shocked onlookers watched helplessly as they went about  demolishing Palestinian homes.


    Demolition of Palestinian houses
     is a daily Israeli practice

    "God gives and takes. Only He can compensate for this loss," said one bystander.


    Another Palestinian woman, attempting to shield her children said: "

    What has happened to us is because we are resisting the Israelis. We are doing this for the sake of Palestine." 


    Israeli troops killed a fourth Palestinian in the city of Nablus in the West Bank. Aljazeera's correspondent said Israeli troops entered into the centre of the city and shot dead Tayseer Abu Shihaab. 


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