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Glossary: The Palestine Papers

We've compiled a list of the most frequently-used terms from The Palestine Papers.

The Palestine Papers were intended as internal notes, and so they make heavy use of jargon, acronyms and abbreviations. We've compiled a list of the most frequently-used terms.

Acronym Definition
AMA Agreement on Movement and Access
API Arab Peace Initiative
BATNA Best alternative to a negotiated agreement
CBM Confidence-building measure
CEC Central Elections Committee
GOI Government of Israel
KSCP Kerem Shalom crossing point
LO Liaison office
MB Muslim Brotherhood
MF Multi-national force
MFA Israeli ministry of foreign affairs
NAD Negotiations affairs department
NSU Negotiation support unit
NUG National unity government
PA Palestinian Authority
PG Presidential Guard
PLC Palestinian Leadership Council
PS Permanent status
PSN Permanent status negotiations
RCP Rafah crossing point
RM Road Map
SPB State with provisional borders
SSR Security sector reform
SWG Security working group
TOR Terms of reference
WG Working group


Different documents use different abbreviations for key negotiators: Tzipi Livni, for example, is referred to as both TL and TZ. This list covers the most commonly-used abbreviations.

AA Abu Ala' (Ahmed Qureia)
AB Azem Bishara
AG Amos Gilad
AM Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas)
ARY Gen. Abdel Razzaq Yahia
BM Ban Ki-moon
BO Barack Obama
CR Condoleezza Rice
DW David Welch
ES Ephraim Sneh
GS Gilad Shed
JS Javier Solana
KD Gen. Keith Gayton
KE Khaled el-Gindy
MD Mohammad Dahlan
MO Marc Otte
PP Lt. Gen. Pietro Pistolese
PR Col. Paul Rupp
PS Pablo Serrano
RD Rami Dajani
RN Gen. Raji Najami
SA Samih al-Abed
SE Saeb Erekat
SF Salam Fayyad
ST Shalom Tourgeman
TB Tal Becker
TL Tzipi Livni
UD Udi Dekel
YAR Yasser Abed Rabbo
YG Yossi Gal

SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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