Striking spider lightning illuminates Adelaide's sky

Electrical storm causes a stir in South Australia.

Residents of Glenelg, a suburb of Australia's Adelaide, have been treated to a particularly eye-catching electrical display.

A cold front marching across Australia is bringing rain and lightning from the Northern Territory to Southeast Australia.

The lightning, which illuminated Glenelg, travelled in long horizontal strokes, known as spider lightning.

This video, captured by Caleb Travis in slow-motion, shows the lightning crawling across the sky.

Spider lightning in Adelaide [Caleb Travis via Storyful]

The storms brought with them a welcome relief from the heat.

The maximum temperature in Adelaide on Monday was a sticky 35C, but on Tuesday it was a more bearable 28C.

Melbourne and Sydney both have hotter temperatures for now, but the thunderstorms are marching east, promising a cooler change.

Source: Al Jazeera News