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NEWS / Maldives

Exclusive: Ex-Maldives vice president's phone gallery

The phone's contents display the abuse of power that led to Ahmed Adeeb becoming the country's youngest vice president.

The former Maldives vice president, Ahmed Adeeb, was a prolific mobile phone user, constantly calling and texting and snapping "selfies". 

These photos came from his phones and chart his rise from tourism minister to becoming the country's youngest vice president.

Hundreds of thousands of photos and millions of text messages reveal the inside story of how he built up power.

Adeeb did it through a combination of bullying, bribery, nepotism and abuse of power.

The text messages show him arranging jobs for his friends and allies, managing corrupt police and army officers to commit "black operations", instructing his driver and other associates to distribute bags of cash as bribes, and an attempt to purchase a gun and bullets.

SOURCE: Al Jazeera News


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