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Trail of destruction left behind by Hurricane Dorian

At least seven dead and reports of catastrophic damage in Bahamas as the hurricane continues its path towards the US.

04 Sept 2019 GMT+3
Damage left behind after Hurricane Dorian on Abaco Island. The massive, slow-moving hurricane devastated parts of the Bahamas with Category 5 force winds and heavy rains. HeadKnowles Foundation via Getty Images


Pie peace: My last argument with my sister

In a family of 13 siblings, Lori was militant in her maternal agenda; making prom dresses and keeping watch over pie.

From the US to Afghanistan: Rediscovering the mother who left me

Tracee Herbaugh's mother, Sharon, abandoned her when she was born, pursuing a career from which she never returned.

Could mega-dams kill the mighty River Nile?

For Ethiopia, a new dam holds the promise of much-needed electricity; for Egypt, the fear of a devastating water crisis.

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