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The view from Japan: 'I think Trump would be dangerous'

"Although perhaps more to America itself than towards other countries."

by Michael Penn
Azuma Kosai, 29, dentist [Michael Penn/Al Jazeera]

Azuma Kosai, 29, dentist

From the economic perspective, I want Hillary Clinton to be president because with Mr Trump everything would be uncertain.

I don't believe there are any true liberals in the presidential race, and the difficulty with Clinton is that she doesn't really provide much of a reason to support her.

On the other hand, what can be said is that she would be a better president than the alternative.

I don't expect her to become a great president, but she would at least be a little better than Mr Trump, who is very careless about the things that he says. He just blurts things out and then must apologise.

I don't trust that his policies towards Japan would be balanced, and from that perspective I don't like him. I also think that he would be dangerous, though perhaps more to America itself than towards other countries. 

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SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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