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    Mobile service providers:

    Coverage/Country Provider To subscribe
    Worldwide Thuraya Dial 100
    Austria Three Dial 0800/303030
    Bahrain Batelco Dial 196
    Zain Dial 107 
    Brunei B-mobile Via WAP Portal 
    Denmark Three Via WAP Portal 
    Egypt Etisalat Dial 333
    Vodafone Dial 5566 
    Gambia Africell Send SUB to 7272
    Indonesia XL Via WAP Portal 
    Israel Cellcom Via WAP Portal 
    Orange Via WAP Portal 
    Pelephone Via WAP Portal 
    Jordan Orange Dial 1777 
    Unmiah Dial 1333 
    X-Press Dial 1551 
    Zain Dial 1234 
    Kuwait Zain Dial 107 
    Libya Al Madar Send message to 95555 
    Libyana Mobile Send message to 95555
    Mauritania Mattel Dial 888
    Mauritel Dial 710
    Morocco Maroc Telecom Dial 777 
    Oman Nawras Dial 1500 
    Oman Mobile Dial 1234
    Pakistan U-fone Via WAP Portal 
    Palestine Jawwal Dial 111 
    Qatar Q-Tel Dial 133 
    Saudi Arabia Mobily Send message to 6331 
    Saudi Telecom Send message to 82333
    Singapore SingTel Via WAP Portal
    Sri Lanka Dialog Telekom Via WAP Portal


    MTN Dial 111 
    Sudatel Dial 0155770088 
    Zain Dial 0155770088 
    Sweden Three Via WAP Portal 
    Syria MTN Dial 111 
    Syriatel Dial 1481 
    United Arab Emirates DU Send message to 1155 
    Etisalat Dial 8002022
    Yemen MTN Dial 111
    Sabafon Dial 211
    Yemen Mobile Dial 121


    To subscribe please click here, and for more information, you can contact us at


    This page will be updated from whenever we have new operators, so please check back regularly if your preferred operator is not listed.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera Mobile


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