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    Al Jazeera is one of the world's most powerful broadcasters. Its reputation has been earned through a visionary and courageous set of journalistic ideals. It has revolutionised news coverage, especially in the Middle East, presenting uncensored reporting and open debate.

    In 2006, Al Jazeera launched a new English-language international network based in London, Washington, Kuala Lumpur and with headquarters in Doha, Qatar. The new network carries a truly global agenda to a world audience.

    Al Jazeera is an equal opportunities employer. No agencies please.

    Unfortunately at present we are unable to offer internships or work experience at any of our broadcast centres, although this situation is currently under review by our HR staff. Any updates will be posted here.


    Journalists: Doha
    Duties include subbing, copy-tasting and writing. You will also produce special reports, features and occasionally travel with the broadcast team. Experience of editing and subbing in print or online is essential, as is an excellent standard of written English. This post involves shift work including weekends.

    To apply for the above post, please e-mail your CV and two written examples of recent work to by quoting the relevant job title in the subject box.

    The closing date for applications is Saturday, April 20, 2007.


    Strategic Planning Unit Supervisor: Doha
    The role is responsible for developing commercial strategies by working hand in hand with senior department heads.

    1. University degree, Higher education is preferred.
    2. Minimum five years work experience in the Field of strategy planning
        and design.
    3. Must be familiar with strategy software and applications.
    4. Experience in an international organization would be an advantage.
    5. Fluency in both Arabic & English

    Project Management Unit Supervisor: Doha
    This role is focused on meeting project commitments, including communication with sponsors, stakeholders etc. The candidate will lead the planning and the placement of a planning mechanism for new projects.

    1. University degree, higher education is preferred.
    2. Minimum five years work experience in project management.
    3. Past responsibility for numerous successful projects that were delivered
        on-time, meeting requirements, and high team satisfaction.
    4. Must be familiar with project management software and applications.
    5. Experience in an international organization would be an advantage.
    6. Fluency in both Arabic & English.

    Head of Research Section: Doha
    The successful candidate will work with programming, news, marketing, sales, and the distribution departments to provide the media network with all needed and required primary or secondary research data analysis

    1. Minimum of 5 years work experience in the media research field.
    2. Experienced in conducting both qualitative and quantitative research.
    3. Excellent in applying and analyzing research methods and data
    4. Capable of performing all trend analysis.
    5. Capable of running research software and cross tabulations.
    6. Excellent presenter and communicator, with fluency in both Arabic and
        English languages.
    7. Complete knowledge in the use of the rating system in advertising.

    To apply for any of the above posts, please e-mail your CV and covering letter to by quoting the relevant job title in the subject box.

    The closing date for applications is Tuesday, April 22, 2007.


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