The 3rd Al Jazeera Forum - 2007

Media and the Middle East - Going Beyond the Headlines



    The Middle East has become the centre of the most important headlines and hotspots across the world. 

    The coverage of the Middle East by local and international media has raised many tough questions about the role of media as it takes an increasingly political role on the world stage.

    Al Jazeera, by virtue of its proximity to the main hotspots in the Middle East, will bring together international media leaders, journalists, authors and scholars to discuss and debate critical issues facing the profession in covering the Middle East and the developing world. 

    Sessions in this year’s Forum will explore the growing influence of politics on media and vice versa, media credibility in times of conflict, the role of media in building bridges or walls, and case studies from the Middle East and Africa on the practical aspects of ‘deep reporting’.

    Location:   Sheraton Doha and Convention Resort, Doha, Qatar

    Dates:  March 31 - April 2, 2007

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    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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