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Full details of the advertising costs and banners available on, the premiere international news website in the Middle East, is the ideal online medium for organisations looking to directly and effectively target specific audiences in the Middle East and worldwide.'s wide variety of content and services draws millions of frequent visitors from all over the world. visitors represent a wide array of countries, backgrounds, ages, and occupations. offers advertisers different options designed to accommodate their needs and targets. Advertisers are able to monitor the performance of their campaigns directly online and on a real-time basis. 

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    1. is the most visited website in the Arab world and one of top 200 most visited websites in the world according to

    2. is the website of the channel that has been named by TIME Magazine as among the 100 world's most influential people. 

    3. is the website of the channel that has been ranked by as the 5th most recognised global brand. 

    4. was nominated for the Webby Award as the best news website in the world. 

    5. is the holder of the Pan Arab Award of the best news website.

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