News Presenters - London

Meet our presenters based in London.

    Felicity Barr
    Felicity Barr joined the channel from ITN where she presented various flagship programmes including the ITV Evening News and sport on the ITV News at 10:30.
    Felicity will co-present the news with Stephen Cole and brings to the job nearly 15 years of presenting and reporting experience.
    Felicity joined ITV News in 2001 and covered major news stories from across the globe including the Iraq war, the Asian tsunami and Hurricane Katrina.
    She is also an experienced ‘on location’ presenter, covering stories such as the London terror attacks in July 2005 and the Athens Olympics.
    Nick Clark
    Nick Clark
    , a Royal Television Society award winner, has a diverse background in news journalism.

    He has worked at the BBC, ITV News, Discovery Channel, ITV London Weekend Television (LWT) and Carlton TV. 
    Nick fronted Carlton's London Tonight and has presented a range of programmes from BBC's Holiday and Gardens Invaders to LWT's travel programme Dream Ticket

    Other series include BBC2's Everyone's Got One and Country Lives for ITV Westcountry. 
    For Discovery Channel, Nick has fronted various documentaries and strands including an hour-long programme on global warming in the Indian Ocean plus a journey up the Mekong River in Laos reporting unknown archaeological sites; Nick is a Fellow of the Royal Georgraphical Society.
    Nick's award success came with the ratings-winning Sea to Source which he presented and directed - a highly successful LWT series following his journey up the River Thames.

    Stephen Cole
    Stephen Cole 
    is a veteran of international television news having fronted Sky News, CNNI, BBC World and BBC News 24 for the past 17 years.
    His previous position was senior presenter with BBC World in London and as host of their Click Online programme.
    As a widely recognised face of international television news with 26 years of experience in the field of journalism, Stephen has developed from newspaper reporter to television producer/reporter, first with the BBC’s news and current affairs show Nationwide and from there to ITN.

    Hamish MacDonald

    Hamish Macdonald was named Young Journalist of the Year at the Royal Television Society awards in London, in February 2008, for his reporting of street protests in Malaysia. RTS judges also took into account his coverage for Al Jazeera English of conflicts in Afghanistan and East Timor.
    Hamish joined Al Jazeera English from the UK's Channel 4 News, where he built his career as a news producer. At Channel Four Hamish worked major stories including the Asian tsunami and the London bombings.
    Prior to moving to the UK, Hamish worked as a reporter for WIN television in Canberra.
    Since joining Al Jazeera, Hamish has reported from locations including Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

    Barbara Serra
    Before joining Al Jazeera English, Barbara Serra was one of the main presenters at the UK’s Channel Five News.

    She was the first, and to date the only, second-language English speaker to present a flagship news programme on terrestrial British television.
    Barbara’s career started at the BBC, where she worked as a presenter/reporter for BBC London News, produced on BBC Radio 4's Today programme and regularly presented EuroNews on BBC Radio Five Live.
    In 2003 she joined Sky News as a reporter, working on both domestic and international assignments.


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