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    Using the service is simple - just fill in the basic details of your holiday in the form below. When you click submit, the service will search a database of thousands of hotels, resorts and facilities as well as transport, tours and a wide range of other services.

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    Hotels: The service offers special prices for booking hotel accommodation and services – choose from thousands of hotels around the world.
    Apartments: The service offers special prices for hotel apartments and other holiday accommodation in many locations worldwide.
    Transport: To get around at your destination, use the Travel Service to book a transfer to or from the airport, hotel or other locations.
    Tours: Make sure you see the sights by booking tours of your chosen destination in advance. The service covers major tourism centres worldwide.
    Comprehensive guide: From local traditions to the best shopping, get the most from your holiday by getting to know your destination before you arrive.
    Currency conversion: Work out what money you need, and how much, using this simple converter which uses the latest tourist rate data.
    Medical advice:  Don’t let illness or injury spoil your holiday – be prepared with information about health risks and simple preventative measures when travelling abroad.
    Interactive maps: See your chosen destination in detail and print out local maps as a handy guide before you travel.
    Passports and visas: Details of whether your destination will need an entry visa or any other requirements.
    Travel advice: Official local information and assistance about your chosen destination.
    Weather: Make sure you’re prepared by checking the forecast at your destination before you depart.


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