Release: Nazanina Moshiri joins AJE

Nazanina Moshiri joins Al Jazeera English as presenter and reporter

    10 November 2006 - Nazanine Moshiri was today confirmed as the latest recruit to join Al Jazeera English. Nazanine will present the news from the channel’s London broadcast centre, based in Knightsbridge.

    Director of News Steve Clark said “we are delighted to have Nazanine on board. It is an exciting time for the channel and everyday I am overwhelmed and delighted with the quality of people that we have joining the channel. Nazanine’s experience and enthusiasm will prove invaluable”.

    Nazanine joins Al Jazeera from ITV News where she has been presenting and reporting for two and a half years. Nazanine (30) has covered some of the biggest news stories in recent history, including the London bombings, the arrest of the July 21st bombers and the death of Jean Charles de Menezes. She also produced a series of in-depth reports from inside Iran which were broadcast on ITV News and CNN.

    As a presenter she was the face of ITV’s Morning News and was a regular presenter of ITV’s London Today. Before joining ITV News, Nazanine was a reporter at BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, where she became the first broadcaster to interview Ian Huntley, her interview was used as evidence at his Old Bailey trial. Born in Tehran Nazanine moved to London with her parents just before the Islamic Revolution, where she read Modern European Studies at UCL and trained as a journalist at Westminster University.

    About Al Jazeera English

    Al Jazeera English is the world’s first English language news channel to be headquartered in the Middle East. Broadcasting from within the Middle East, looking outwards, Al Jazeera English will set the news agenda and act as a bridge between cultures. With unique access as the channel of reference for Middle East events, and broadcast centres strategically placed around the world in Doha, Kuala Lumpur, London and Washington DC, Al Jazeera International will balance the information flow from South to North, providing accurate, impartial and objective news for a global audience from a grass roots level, giving voice to different perspectives from under-reported regions around the world.

    Al Jazeera English is building on the ground-breaking heritage of its sister Arab-language channel – Al Jazeera, which was responsible for changing the face of news within the Middle East, now extending that fresh perspective from regional to global. 



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