United States

DREAMers skeptical as Trump 'may veto' bill over DACA

US president says he considers move to block massive 1.3 trillion spending bill after Democrats 'abandoned' Dreamers.

DREAMers skeptical as Trump 'may veto' bill over DACA

Middle East

Tunisia's revolution: Relatives of victims demand justice

The government has not released a list of those killed and wounded in the revolution, stymying attempts to seek justice against members of the regimes security forces or get medical care for injuries suffered during the revolution.


Neo-Nazis attack Afghan community centre in Athens

The incident comes on the heel of a sharp uptick in far-right violence targeting refugees, migrants, Muslims and others.

Neo-Nazis attack Afghan Community in Greece's office in Athens


Nicolas Sarkozy denies illegal funding allegations

The former president of France has come out swinging, calling his Libyan accusers 'assassins, criminals and delinquents'.


Somalis unhappy with new sales tax

The government instituted a five percent sales tax, the first in nearly 30 years, as part of the conditions set by the IMF to relieve Somalia's debt burden.

US & Canada

Students in US planning gun reform rallies on Saturday

In the wake of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school, tens of thousands of students plan to take their gun-control reform message to the streets of Washington on Saturday.


Freed Nigerian schoolgirls undergoing treatment

The 105 Nigerian schoolgirls and their families have begun to recover after the Boko Haram fighters who abducted the girls released them earlier this week.


Hostage-taker in France supermarket siege shot dead

Police shoot dead a man who took hostages at a supermarket in southwestern France.

Hostage-taker in French supermarket killed by police


Egypt 'election': Is Mousa a Sisi 'puppet'?

Ghad party leader endorsed President Sisi for a second term and organised nomination events for the former army chief.

Egypt 'election': Is Mousa Mostafa Mousa a 'puppet' of Sisi?

Mohammed bin Salman

Saudi Arabia can never be a democracy 'on MBS watch'

Self-exiled Saudi journalist says Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman will never open the kingdom for democracy.

Khashoggi: Saudi Arabia can never be a democracy 'on MBS watch'

Donald Trump

How influential has Saudi Arabia been on Trump?

Leaked documents seem to indicate that Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been attempting to push Donald Trump towards more confrontational approaches to Qatar and Iran through Elliot Brody, a member of the Republican National Committee.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Why did Ahed Tamimi accept a plea deal?

As it did with the other 300 minors in Israeli jails, the military court system - and its near 100 percent conviction rate of Palestinians, pressures underage defendants with long jail sentences and removes adult support.