Protesters from a range of parties gather in Cairo's central Tahrir Square ahead of Friday prayers

On Friday tens of thousands of predominantly Islamist protesters gathered in Cairo's Tahrir Square and Alexandria for a mass rally to pressure the ruling military council to hand over power to a civilian government.

The demonstration drew political parties and religious movements of different stripes, though the loudest voices in the square came from Islamists, including hardline Salafis and the comparatively moderate Muslim Brotherhood. 

Though opposition to the military's perceived power grab comes from all sides, Muslim religious movements are the most vocal, since they fear that the document will push Egypt toward a more civil, secular state.

Elections for the lower house of parliament, the People's Assembly, begin on November 28 and will last until January, occurring in three stages. The upper house, or Shura Council, will be elected after that.

The Muslim Brotherhood, through its Freedom and Justice Party, may emerge as the largest bloc in the voting.

Will Islamists dominate in the upcoming elections?

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