Freezing air is currently bringing a bitter blast of Arctic air out of the Canadian Prairies and over the Northern Plains of the US. Frost bite warnings have been issued across the region as this the coldest weather of the winter so far sets in.
Winnipeg expects a high of minus 20 Celsius on Tuesday afternoon while Chicago is expecting minus 10. Wednesday looks even colder.

Wind chills between minus 25 and minus 45 degrees are expected from the northern Plains to the Ohio Valley. At that temperature, frostbite can occur in as little as 10 minutes on exposed skin.

That cold air is currently in the process of making its way towards the Eastern Seaboard. Freezing temperatures could even extend as far south as Atlanta.
New York began the week with a top temperature of 13 Celsius on Sunday which is 10 degrees above the January average. By Thursday those highs struggle to reach minus 5C.

Source: Al Jazeera