Kim Jong-Un, leader of the isolated nation North Korea, paid a visit to his national Hydro-Meteorological Service on Tuesday, and was not amused by what he saw.

As an ‘expert’ on all subjects ranging from the arts to the sciences, he lambasted meteorologists claiming they delivered ‘too many incorrect’ weather forecasts. He further stated that North Korea’s technology was outdated and needed to be put on a ‘modern’ and ‘scientific basis’.

This could possibly signal greater investment into meteorological technology by the Asian nation, which has experienced its worst spring drought in over 30 years, with thousands of acres being destroyed. It exacerbates problems faced by already highly vulnerable population, two thirds of which face chronic food shortages according to the United Nations.

Indeed, Jong-Un’s complaints almost appeared to blame the meteorologists for these difficulties. Despite his criticism, state media was quick to report that the comments were delivered with ‘deep loving care.’

Source: Al Jazeera