The storm-battered people along Mexico’s Pacific coast are once again braced for the arrival of yet more severe weather. Tropical Storm Sonia is now moving quickly past the south of Baja California.

Landfall is imminent somewhere near El Dorado in the west of the country. The storm currently has winds of around 55kph with gusts approaching 75kph as it moves northeastwards at 33kph.

Sonia is likely to weaken smartly over the next few hours and should then dissipate rapidly once over land by the end of Monday afternoon. Impact is expected to be in a similar area to that hit by Hurricane Manuel in September.

Schools have been cancelled in five municipalities that could be affected by the storm. Sixty shelters have been opened in case they are needed, but there have been no forced evacuations so far.

The US Hurricane Center says that the storm could produce up to 150mm of rain in Sinola, Durango and Chihuahua states, with isolated areas getting as much as 250mm. These downpours could cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.

Source: Al Jazeera