Tropical Storm Man-yi has hit central Japan, forcing the evacuation of almost 300,000 people from their homes.

The storm made landfall shortly before 2300GMT on Sunday over Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture to the west of Tokyo. On arrival its winds were gusting as high as 162kph, but those winds are now weakening steadily.

At least four people have been reported missing due to landslides or flash floods. Around 65 people have been injured and more than 860 households have been flooded.

The system has been moving very quickly, at around 55kph. The eye of the storm has already passed with 50kph of the capital, Tokyo, and is making its way into the open waters of the northwest Pacific.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency still has their highest alert in force for the possibility of unprecedented heavy rain. Rainfall totals in excess of 100mm were widely recorded over the weekend.

Tokushima in southern Honshu had 172mm of rain on Sunday. Further north, Aomori saw 140mm of rain in the 24 hours up to 0600GMT on Monday.

These heavy falls follow on from a very wet week for much of South Korea and southern Japan. This has exacerbated the widespread flooding and landslides that were already affecting the region ahead of the storm.

The system is now bringing flooding rains across the north east of Japan, including the Fukushima area. Operators at the plant are on alert amid fears the storm could result in more contaminated water running out to sea.

Source: Al Jazeera