Mexican theatre confronts violence through art

A theatre group in Mexico is confronting violence through art. There have been 2,000 murders recorded since January this year.


    A theatre group in Mexico is confronting violence through art.

    According to official data, authorities have recorded more than 12,000 homicide probes in the first six months of 2017. 

    These plays are aimed at waking the nation up, those working on the productions say.

    Raul Breton, an actor and director of Teatro Ensamble said that a refusal to talk about war or massacres leads to a loss of humanity.

    "Art in general, and theatre in particular, can help to deal with that, like rehearsals for reality," he said.

    "The struggle between criminal groups and the government is concentrated in around half the country," Al Jazeera's John Holman said from Mexico City.

    "Artists are trying to confront the public not just with the violence but also with the inaction and even complicity of some authorities."

    Jorge Verastegui says he hasn't heard from his brother and nephew since they were taken from their homes by criminals eight years ago. Their case has not been resolved until this day.

    "For us this initiative is really important because it takes these issues to peoples homes," he said.

    "It is urgent that people feel this kind of pain so that they understand what we're going through, our desperation, why we head out on the streets."


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