Germany sticks to 'go-green' goals

The country plans to shut down all of its nuclear plants by 2022 and switch to 80 percent renewable energy by 2050.

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she will stand by her decision to switch Germany to 80 percent renewable energy electricity by 2050.

    The German government was already providing financial incentives for wind and solar energy before the Fukushima nuclear disaster led it to announce a sudden shift.

    All German nuclear plants will shut down by 2022, but this decision has caused government subsidies to grow out of control
    and paradoxically led power companies to use more highly polluting brown coal to keep up power supplies.

    Subsidies to power companies and heavy industry are costing the consumer an average of $350 each year on their energy bills.

    Germany is Europe's biggest and most industrialised economy.

    Al Jazeera's Nick Spicer reports from Berlin.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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