Latin American and European leaders praise efforts to restore ties while exiled Cubans in Miami stage protest.
Leftist rebels announce unilateral ceasefire as they pursue talks with Colombian government to end 50-year conflict.
Taliban suicide bomber followed by police detonates himself, killing a policeman in Kabul, Afghan police officials say.
Police questioning unlicensed doctor after more than 100 cases of HIV reported in Battambang community in one week.
State rules potential health and environmental impacts of controversial gas extraction outweigh economic benefits.
Peter Moskowitz
Iraqi government is shifting priority to win the battle of Salahaddin, a hub for ISIL fighters.
Women's rights activists are demanding change after Hanna Lalango, 16, was gang-raped on a bus and left for dead.
Buried in Sweden's northern forest, Sorsele has welcomed many unaccompanied kids who help stabilise a town exodus.
A look at the changing face of North Korea, three years after the death of 'Dear Leader'.
While some fear a Muslim backlash after café killings, solidarity instead appears to be the order of the day.
Since 2011, about 40,000 displaced Tawerghans have been arrested, tortured, and scattered to seek informal shelters.
Coal extracted from small, dangerous mines is providing much-needed money and heat in war-torn eastern Ukraine.
People & Power17 Dec 2014 14:33 GMT
Can the Republic of Georgia remain aloof from Russian expansionism or will internal division drag it towards conflict?
Witness18 Dec 2014 07:12 GMT
A Chinese immigrant challenges one US family to reject materialism and live without Chinese products during Christmas.
Peshawar mourns 148 people, mostly children, killed by the Taliban in a school massacre that prompted global revulsion.
Mostly children among the 130 dead at Peshawar school after Pakistan Taliban attack.
Demonstrators marched from Freedom Plaza and converged on Capitol Hill as a part of the 'Justice for All' rally.
As Christmas tourists begin to arrive in the city, craftspeople are hoping that a difficult year will end well.
Government promises lower electricity bills and hopes for business boost as it utilises energy generated inside Earth.
UN says reconstruction materials such as cement are slowly entering the Gaza strip, nearly four months after conflict.
Attempts being made to revive language that came close to extinction.
On his 90th birthday, Chandigarh pays tribute to Nek Chand, who secretly built over 18 years the famous Rock Garden.
#illridewithyou trend globally after Sydney siege amid fear of backlash against Muslims.
Politicians to vote on bill that will force companies to publish what they pay men and women.
Hundreds protest against new education legislation that bans formation of unions, which some say will academic freedom.
Fighters target area north of Sanaa, home to country's main opposition al-Islah party, in effort to consolidate control.
Al Jazeera's guide to who's who among the top ranks of the Pakistani Taliban.
For the first time members of Kenya's counter-terrorism police admit to "eliminating" suspected Muslim radicals.
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A photographic exploration of the power of yoga to unite people across cultural and physical divides.

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