UK to review 1948 Malaysia massacre

Official inquiry urged as families of victims of Batang Kali killings insist on their innocence.

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    The UK high court in London was to review on Tuesday a case involving the killing of 24 Malaysian rubber-plantation workers by British troops more than 60 years ago.

    The British government has so far refused to hold an official inquiry into the incident known as the Batang Kali massacre.

    The UK has in the past contended that the 24 people killed on December 12, 1948, were suspected communists, but the families of those killed say they were merely villagers.

    Now lawyers for the families of the victims say they have been able to piece together the events of that night using documentation that they say show no legal basis for the killings.

    Al Jazeera's Florence Looi reports from Batang Kali, Malaysia.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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