Sarah Palin in US media blitz

Former VP candidate, who is eyeing a 2012 presidential bid, has a new show where she profiles her home state.

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    Sarah Palin, the former Republican US vice-presidential candidate, has been giving radio interviews promoting her new book, widely thought to be a kick-off for her 2012 presidential ambitions.

    The Republican, who was the governor of Alaska, has also a new TV show in which she profiles her home state of Alaska, where she was governor.

    It is all part of the ongoing media blitz that has made Palin one of the most recognisable political figures in the country.

    But despite the fame and the fortunes, is Palin ready for political primetime?

    Al Jazeera's Nick Spicer travelled to Wasilla, a small town in Alaska, to find out.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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