Rwanda's Kagame denies funding DRC rebels

President Paul Kagame tells Al Jazeera that UN allegations of Rwandan interference in the DR Congo are "fictitious".

    Rwanda's President Paul Kagame has told Al Jazeera that his country is not responsible for a mutiny in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

    A recent United Nations report accused Rwanda of supporting a rebel group called the M23 led by Bosco Ntaganda.

    More than 200,000 people have been displaced in the North Kivu province of the DRC since the mutiny in March and Ntaganda is wanted by the International Criminal Court.

    The UN report claims that the group of mutineers allegedly received money, political backing, manpower and weapons from Rwanda. 

    It is a charge that Kagame described as "fictitious".

    Al Jazeera's Peter Greste has this exclusive report from Kigali, Rwanda. 

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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