Qatari munition-labelled boxes sent to Libya

Trucks apparently carrying munitions found amid medical and other supplies on a Qatari flight to Libya.

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    Qatar has sent at least 200 tonnes of aid, including medical supplies, to help Libyan opposition forces since foreign support began to arrive.

    The Qatari air force showed Al Jazeera a cargo plane bound for Libya containing computers, printers, rice, milk and sugar.

    The main cargo on the plane were a military police unit and some intelligence personnel. Also on the plane were four trucks full of wooden boxes which were clearly marked "munitions".

    Al Jazeera was unable to find out if they were for the Qatari security forces to use or the rebels.

    But the trucks were driven away by men who told Al Jazeera they had recently joined the pro-democracy fighters.

    Al Jazeera's Rosie Garthwaite reports from an air base in Benghazi.

    SOURCE: Al Jazeera


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