Mobilising under Trump

The Stream takes viewers to the centre of the Women’s March on Washington.


Women marches across the world draw huge crowds

Hundreds of thousands join women's marches to protest new US president's stance on gender, minorities and human rights.

US & Canada

Why women marched on Washington

Women in Washington marched for policies that would benefit both women and men.

by Patricia Sabga

Al Jazeera World

Divorce in Lebanon

The stories of five Lebanese women struggling with the complex systems of divorce within a multi-faith community.


The mystery of menstruation

Busting the myths and misconceptions affecting nearly half the world's population.


Fighting for the murdered women of Buenos Aires

A woman is murdered every 30 hours in Argentina, a disproportionate number of them in informal slum settlements.


Bengaluru attacks: Misogyny by night and day

The toxic masculinity that triggered the New Year Eve's attacks on women was there in the morning to deny they happened.

by Meena Kandasamy

Women's Rights

Lady Liberty brings legal options to South Africa women

A mobile legal office hits the road to empower and defend South African women.

101 East

China's Super Mums

101 East explores the tradition of confinement for new mothers in modern China and the growing industry behind it.

Human Rights

Cradles in Rajasthan for India's unwanted babies

In a desperate measure, Rajasthan government places cradles around the state where parents can leave unwanted babies.


Behind America's Infant Mortality Crisis

Fault Lines investigates why, despite advanced prenatal care, so many infant lives are at risk in the US.

Cyber Security

Cyber harassment in Pakistan

The Stream takes a look at online harassment in Pakistan and how women are fighting back.


It's a Man's World: Rape in Cambodia

We rewind to 2013 when 101 East travelled to Cambodia to talk with men who admit rape and violence against women.


Samoa's Rugby Super Women

Rugby player Tafale is caught between tradition and her Olympic dreams as she strives to make it onto the national team.

101 East

Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in Australia

101 East examines why domestic violence touches so many Australian women and asks what is being done to turn the tide.