Women's Rights

Sexy veils, running shoes and missing feminisms

This Women's Day, Muslim women must rally against marketing strategies that present buying things as empowerment.

by Rafia Zakaria

Women's Rights

Gender equality: A game changer for nature

As increasing numbers of women are empowered through conservation projects that mainstream gender equality.

by Aban Marker Kabraji

US & Canada

US women plan day of economic strike against inequity

Organisers say women should not work on Wednesday, which is also International Women's Day, to demonstrate their power.


The effectiveness of general strikes

What does it take to make a labour movement work?

US & Canada

US cities to stage 'A Day Without Women' protests

Women around the world are preparing for a series of protests called 'A Day Without Women', a campaign highlighting discrimination and exploitation against them.

Women's Rights

Feminism's new frontier: Localising aid

Forming real partnerships between donors and local organisations is key to achieving progress in women's rights issues.

by Jessica Neuwirth


Gaza's women of steel

Women in Gaza are stepping up as family breadwinners, breaking cultural norms as they strive to make ends meet.

Women's Rights

Not one woman less!

Now is the time to continue marching forward with our heads and placards held high for all to see.

by Agustina Paz Frontera
- Winnie Byanyima


Women leaders around the world

Which countries have been led by a woman and how many are in office now?

Women's Rights

Digital tool teaches Indian boys about gender equality

In Rajasthan, a social project employs audio stories accessed by mobile phones to talk about child marriage and puberty.

South Africa

The grandmothers running rural South Africa

Almost 1.5 million or 11% of all households in South Africa are now run by women over the age of 60

Women's Rights

After women's march, pussyhat creators craft next step

Women whose knitted hats became a national phenomenon want to keep the momentum of last month's march in Washington.

Women's Rights

Women in Uttar Pradesh are still waiting for justice

Rape survivors from the 2013 Uttar Pradesh riots have faced threats and harassment.

by Mariya Salim

International Women's Day

House of women in Paris, supports victims of abuse, FGM

Female victims of violence can get medical and psychological help - from reconstructive surgery, to therapy, to support.

International Women's Day

Kenya's Maasai and Samburu becoming women without FGM

'When my parents called the [cutter for my sister], I warned the district officer. Our generation can bring change.'