101 East

China's Super Mums

101 East explores the tradition of confinement for new mothers in modern China and the growing industry behind it.

Human Rights

Cradles in Rajasthan for India's unwanted babies

In a desperate measure, Rajasthan government places cradles around the state where parents can leave unwanted babies.


Behind America's Infant Mortality Crisis

Fault Lines investigates why, despite advanced prenatal care, so many infant lives are at risk in the US.

Cyber Security

Cyber harassment in Pakistan

The Stream takes a look at online harassment in Pakistan and how women are fighting back.


It's a Man's World: Rape in Cambodia

We rewind to 2013 when 101 East travelled to Cambodia to talk with men who admit rape and violence against women.


Samoa's Rugby Super Women

Rugby player Tafale is caught between tradition and her Olympic dreams as she strives to make it onto the national team.

101 East

Behind Closed Doors: Domestic Violence in Australia

101 East examines why domestic violence touches so many Australian women and asks what is being done to turn the tide.


Black rights pioneer first Canadian woman on banknote

Desmond fought racial segregation in the 1940s after refusing to give up a seat in a "whites only" section of a cinema.


India sees huge spike in 'honour' killings

Reported murders over family shame surged from 28 in 2014 to 251 last year, according to figures given in parliament.

Human Rights

FGM survivors find reversal surgery in California

One woman's story of falling victim to FGM and the reconstructive surgery that made her feel whole again.

Latin America Investigates

Colombia: Under the Knife

We investigate Colombia's backstreet cosmetic surgery trade and the scams that leave victims scarred for life.


What the hijab means to me

From Nigeria to Uruguay, women share their thoughts and feelings about the hijab.


Rachel's HIV Revolution

In Burkina Faso, one women challenges stigma and educates mothers on how to prevent transmitting HIV to their children.

Human Rights

Say enough to violence against women

Social norms which encourage violence against women need to be confronted and changed.

by Winnie Byanyima


The Veil

Why do some women decide to wear the veil, while others opt to keep their hair and faces uncovered?