Can faux rhino horn help save the species?

As high demand for rhino horn continues to fuel illegal poaching, TechKnow investigates how science is fighting back.

Wild Animals

Iraqi chimp moved to sanctuary in Kenya

Only 70 kilometres from war-riven Mosul, Manno the chimpanzee is moved from Iraqi zoo and taken in by Kenyan sanctuary.

Wild Animals

Exclusive: Vietnam's 'double standards' in ivory trade

Al Jazeera Investigative Unit's report raises questions about Vietnam's commitment to tackle wildlife trafficking.


Vietnam burns more than two tonnes of illegal ivory

In run-up to wildlife trafficking conference, Hanoi says mass fire signals efforts to combat destructive trade.


The animal smugglers

Techknow investigates the shadowy world of animal smugglers and the endangered species they put at risk.

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60 percent of global wildlife species wiped out

Unprecedented rate of decline of animals because of human activity causing a "global mass extinction", new report says.

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The Orangutan Whisperer

Can orangutan expert Leif Cocks and special jungle schools in Sumatra help save the endangered species from extinction?

Inside Story

Are tougher rules needed to save the elephant?

A global ban on ivory sales is being called into question as Namibia and Zimbabwe push for looser regulations.


Bee-keeping trend grows in Seoul

Residents breed bees in urban spaces, providing a welcome addition to South Korea's polluted, industrialised capital.

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Outrage over Chinese shopping centre's polar bear show

Online petition signed by more than half a million people demands closure of theme park where the animal is on display.


Helping Malawi's animals back into the wild

From monkeys to pythons, antelope to lions, the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust rescues, rehabilitates and returns animals.