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Ebola: Winning a battle but losing the war?

Can lessons be learned from Nigeria’s success in containing the deadly virus?


The other victims of Ebola in Liberia

'Liberia faces the risk of a popular revolt against a fragile state.'

by Bill Burke

Humanitarian crises

Ebola in Guinea: Is government incompetence a bigger danger?

While the West finally mobilises to help fight Ebola, some in West Africa are still in denial.

by Cellou Dalein Diallo

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Confronting Ebola

Citing security concerns, the US steps up its fight againt the spread of the Ebola virus.

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Ebola response: Self preservation?

Travel and trade restrictions isolate West African nations as death toll passes 1,500.


Senegal moves to counter Hepatitis E spread

Country scrambles to prevent spread of virus while already on high alert over outbreak of Ebola in West Africa.


Ebola outbreak: We need information, not panic

Spreading panic will not help efforts to curb the Ebola outbreak in Africa.

by Nanjala Nyabola


Healers hinder Senegal's Ebola fight

Local preference for traditional healers and herbalists hindering work of health workers fighting deadly outbreak.


Africa Ebola outbreak: How do we prevent it?

The Ebola outbreak has exposed Africa's poor infrastructure, limited health research and inadequate

by Calestous Juma

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Stopping the world's worst Ebola outbreak?

As the death toll climbs to nearly 900, concerns mount that the epidemic is spreading faster than efforts to contain it.

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Building the Perfect Bug

Scientists have engineered a deadly bird flu virus, but are there dangers in publishing their research?