Counting the Cost

France's labour reforms: Pro-business or pro-worker?

We take a look at France's high unemployment rate and explore who will benefit from the proposed labour law reforms.

Poverty & Development

Q&A: Tunisia's social time bomb

Unless the political progress in Tunisia is matched by economic advances, social tensions will continue to boil over.


Tunisian city under curfew after unemployment rally

Police fire tear gas to disperse hundreds of protesters in Kasserine, two days after unemployed man committed suicide.

In the Field

When Taliban offer you gold: Afghan youth in crisis?

Afghan job seekers, business leaders, and CEO Abdullah Abdullah give an insight into Afghanistan's grim job market.


Deadly clashes flare ahead of Guinea election

Tensions rise as opposition alleges vote-rigging ahead of Sunday's vote in the troubled West African nation.

Business & Economy

China's powerhouse industrial belt falls by the wayside

Once-thriving northeast factories waylaid by '90s economic reforms as millions of former 'employees-for-life' laid off.

People & Power

The Tech Threat

Are advances in artificial intelligence, robotics and other technologies leading to fewer jobs and more inequality?


Welcoming Croatia shunned by refugees

Amid high unemployment, the EU's newest member state saw a 58-percent decrease in asylum claims last year.

Human Rights

Fear and distrust as victims regroup in South Africa

After deadly xenophobic violence, foreigners sheltering in camps outside Durban plot their next course.

Poverty & Development

Critics target welfare sanctions ahead of UK election

Punishments against unemployed people deemed not doing enough to find work rises the ranks as an election issue.

Counting the Cost

The China effect

Counting the Cost examines how the country's economic slowdown impacts its people and the global economy.

Counting the Cost

Economics of the British elections

As UK election campaigns are under way, we examine the economic issues at the heart of the battle for votes.


Podemos faces tough test as Spain's unemployment soars

Leftist party readies for election test in Andalusia, the most populous autonomous region of Spain.