Asia Pacific

Japan cancels tsunami alert after quake off Taiwan

Short-lived tsunami warning issued for Okinawa islands after 6.6-magnitude earthquake strikes off eastern Taiwan.

Japan cancels tsunami alert after quake off Taiwan

Humanitarian crises

Tsunami-hit nations mark 10th anniversary

Memorial services held in Indonesia, Thailand and other countries a decade after massive waves killed 220,000 people.

Inside Story

The Indian Ocean tsunami, 10 years on

Asia and the world mark the anniversary of the Indian Ocean disaster.


World marks 10 years since Asia tsunami

Memorial services held for 220,000 people killed after underwater earthquake set off massive waves across Indian Ocean.

Poverty & Development

Tsunami leaves Sri Lanka better prepared

Catastrophe of 2004 ago exposed huge gaps in how prepared the island-nation was to deal with natural disasters.


Japan: Looking to the past for answers

Survivors of Japan's worst natural disaster in decades may be forced to re-consider an old code of self-preservation.