War & Conflict

A winning strategy for the anti-ISIL coalition

Empowerment of Sunni communities is the key to success in Iraq.

by Andreas Krieg

Middle East

Deaths in blast near Shia mosque in Saudi city

ISIL claims responsibility for incident in Dammam, exactly a week after deadly attack on Shia mosque in Qatif province.


Thirty Shia Muslims kidnapped in Afghanistan

Men from minority Hazara group were travelling by bus through central Afghanistan when masked gunmen took them away.


Iraq splitting along sectarian lines in ISIL fight

Instead of uniting communities, the fight against armed group is causing divisions between Shia and Sunni populations.

War & Conflict

Shia fighters accused of killing civilians in Iraq

Sunni tribal leaders say mass grave containing 70 bodies found in a village amid fighting in eastern Diyala province.

War & Conflict

Iraqi forces train to retake Mosul from ISIL

Exclusive report shows Peshmerga forces and volunteers preparing for combat at site near country's second largest city.


Why football may help heal Yemen sectarianism

Match between Yemen and Saudi Arabia offers unique opportunity to unite nation divided along sectarian lines.

War & Conflict

Foreign fighters: Foreign to whom?

Fear of being considered inadequate pushes western governments to amplify the potential threat of foreign fighters.

by Afzal Ashraf

War & Conflict

Houthis and Sunni tribesmen clash in Yemen

Protesters demand Shia fighters leave Sanaa as deadline to form new government passes without political agreement.

Middle East

Sunni civilians flee Iraq conflict

Many who escaped fighting between army and ISIL say they are also targets of Shia armed groups who are destroying homes.


Iraq wants Sunni armed factions to fight ISIL

Sunni opposition leaders say they will not take up arms against ISIL unless their demands are met.


Iran 'to militarily assist' Lebanon army

National Security Council official says Iran will supply army with military equipment as it battles Sunni armed groups.

Human Rights

Nine Bahraini Shias stripped of nationality

Court jails men for life and revokes their citizenship for smuggling arms into kingdom to be used in "terrorist acts".