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Missing Mexico students: Who is responsible?

Protesters demand justice for missing 43 trainee teachers who are feared murdered in Mexico.


Mexico protesters torch state assembly

Masked demonstrators set on fire parts of Guerrero state legislature in protest against apparent killing of 43 students.

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Fresh clashes over missing Mexico students

Outraged at government's handling of missing 43 college students, demonstrators stage daily protests.


Mexicans burn ruling party's HQ over students

Building housing governing PRI in Guerrero state torched amid protests against presumed murder of 43 students.


Violence continues in Mexico protests

Demonstrators set fire to ruling party's regional headquarters in Guerrero over the killing of 43 students.


Mexico: A country at the breaking point

Three months after a flashy news conference, the government was forced to revise its crime statistic

by Alice Driver


Violent protests over Mexico student deaths

Group of demonstrators attack Mexico's National Palace and torch vehicles seeking answer over death of 43 students.


Mexico gang suspects confess to mass killings

Three suspects admit to killing 43 missing students and burning their remains, but parents say they need proof.


Mexicans demand safe return of 43 students

Thousands of protesters take to the streets of Mexico City chanting 'they took them alive, we want them alive.'


Fugitive Mexican mayor detained by police

Ex-mayor of Iguala Jose Luis Abarca, blamed over disappearance of 43 student teachers, arrested with wife in capital.


Mexico town becomes dumping ground for bodies

People in Iguala say gangs have been dumping bodies for years, as police check graves to find about 43 missing students.

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Can Egyptian police silence angry students?

A number of arrests have followed renewed protests at universities.


Egypt universities rocked by fresh protests

Rallies held in Cairo and Alexandria against new government measures restricting political dissent.