Asia Pacific

Philippine president to China: Sea territory 'is ours'

Rodrigo Duterte orders military to assert ownership of Benham Rise area to Beijing - but in a nice way.

Asia Pacific

South China Sea: Japan to deploy largest warship

Izumo carrier will cruise the South China Sea with stops in Southeast Asia before heading to India for US war games.


Can China afford to challenge the United States?

Trump calls China's bluff on a naval arms race in the South China Sea.

by Salvatore Babones


Beijing looks for edges on cooperation with Trump

China may cooperate with Trump on issues such as N Korea and trade, but it will stand unwavering on security issues.

by J Berkshire Miller

Donald Trump

Donald Trump wants 'constructive' ties with China

Uncertainty has prevailed after Trump accused Beijing of unfair trade practices and criticised China's military buildup.

South China Sea

China returns seized underwater drone to US

Defence ministry in Beijing says it handed the drone back after "friendly consultations" with American counterparts.

South China Sea

China agrees to return seized US underwater drone

Beijing unhappy with the US "hyping up" the situation after the underwater drone was seized from South China Sea.


China seizes US naval drone in South China Sea

US officials demand return of the drone they say was testing salinity and temperature in international waters.

South China Sea

China defends its right to arm South China Sea islands

Beijing regards the islands as its sovereign territory and says it is entitled to necessary defensive installations.

South China Sea

South China Sea: Weapons systems installed on islands

US think-tank highlights satellite imagery it says shows anti-aircraft guns and systems against cruise missile strikes.

South China Sea

US destroyer sails through the South China Sea

American Navy has now conducted four so-called freedom-of-navigation operations in the past year in the disputed waters.


Typhoon Haima smashes into China

After battering Hong Kong, Haima makes landfall in southern China bringing the risk of flash flooding and landslides.


South China Sea: The world's next big war?

Charles Liu, a senior fellow at Peking University, debates Bonnie Glaser, director of the China Power Project at CSIS.


Duterte's pivot to China

Duterte is questioning the Philippines' century-old US alliance while ramping up his diplomatic flirtation with China.

by Richard Javad Heydarian

Asia Pacific

South China Sea row tops ASEAN summit agenda

Tepid criticism in draft statement of meetings in Vientiane seen as reflection of China's economic and military clout.