Bahrain strips Sheikh Isa Qassim of nationality

Sheikh Isa Qassim accused of fomenting "extremist" sectarian atmosphere, a week after suspension of Al-Wefaq group.


Bahraini court suspends Al-Wefaq opposition group

The Shia group is accused of creating "an environment for terrorism, extremism and violence".


Sadr's challenge to Iraq's sectarian politics

The political deadlock in Baghdad strengthens Sadr's political re-emergence and undermines ethno-sectarianism in Iraq.

by Ibrahim Al-Marashi

War & Conflict

Iraq: Are Shia leaders ready for sectarian healing?

The struggle against ISIL has rekindled communal ties between sectarian communities in Iraq.

by Michael Knights


Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr starts Green Zone sit-in

After weeks of rallies by his followers, influential cleric launches protest to demand sweeping changes by government.

Arts & Culture

Q&A: The Sunni-Shia divide through the eyes of a child

Al Jazeera spoke with filmmaker Hoda Elsoudani about her new documentary, Why Can't I Be A Sushi.

Middle East

What are the reasons behind Muqtada al-Sadr's return?

Muqtada al-Sadr has grand ambitions for Iraq, and self-confidence to match. But he has yet to show how he will deliver.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Egyptian among al-Ahsa mosque bombers

Two men attacked Shia mosque during Friday prayers, killing four and wounding another 33 people.


Iran 'foreign legion' leans on Afghan Shia in Syria war

Some 20,000 Afghan Shia fighters said to be fighting alongside Iran to help save government of Syrian President Assad.


Saudi Arabia and Iran and how we got here

It is US retrenchment from the region that has been the cause of regional competition in the first place.

by Michael Stephens


Nigeria's Shia detainees 'dying' without medical care

Shia movement accuses authorities of denying treatment to wounded members after recent military raids.


Iran summons Nigerian envoy after Shia clashes

Iranian foreign ministry calls deadly clashes between Nigerian army and Shia Muslim movement "unacceptable".


ISIL claims responsibility for Bangladesh mosque attack

Two suspects arrested after gunmen storm mosque and open fire on praying worshippers, killing one and wounding three.


Deadly attack on Shia mosque in Bangladesh

Mosque muezzin shot dead and three wounded after masked gunmen open fire on Shia worshipers at evening prayer.

Ashura 2016

Torches light up Tehran on eve of Ashoura

Prayers, poetry and music are part of rituals marking Mashal Gardan, a Shia Muslim event in Iran.