Death toll rises in air strike on Nigeria camp

At least six ICRC staff members among 76 people killed in accidental bombing of camp for displaced people in Rann.

Middle East

Roadside blast targets police in Turkey's Diyarbakir

Explosion targets armoured vehicle carrying riot police in Kurdish-majority province, killing at least four officers.

People & Power

Interpol: Red Alert!

How states have used Interpol alerts to persecute exiled dissidents and refugees across international borders.


Dozens more killed in new Brazil prison unrest

At least 33 inmates dead in northern Roraima state, just days after prison clashes between rival gangs killed 56 people.


Brazil to transfer gang leaders after prison massacre

Brazilian government to relocate drug gang leaders involved in deadliest prison riot since 1992 that left 56 dead.


56 killed, many beheaded, in grisly Brazil prison riot

Bodies butchered, decapitated and burned after clashes between rival drug gangs at a prison complex in Amazonas state.


Indonesia police kill suspects plotting holiday attacks

Police in Jakarta kill three allegedly planning a suicide attack over the Christmas and new year period.


Deadly attack targets army base in Burkina Faso

About 40 gunmen in pick-up trucks and motorbikes storm military position near Mali border, killing a dozen troops.


At least 45 killed in Nigeria suicide attacks

Attack on a vegetable market near a Boko Haram stronghold kills at least 45 people and wounds dozens of others.


Britain to deepen security cooperation with the GCC

Addressing the GCC's annual summit PM Theresa May said she is "clear-eyed" on the threats posed by ISIL and Iran.


Taliban offer 'security' for copper, gas projects

Armed group behind much of the violence over the past 15 years, frightening off investors despite its vast resources.


Clashes kill scores in restive Ugandan kingdom

Ugandan tribal king distances himself from unrest as his royal guards are accused of participating in attacks on police.


Indonesia says explosives found in suspect's home

Arrested man accused of making explosives in his West Java home more powerful than those used in 2002 Bali bombings.


Russia: New missiles in Kaliningrad answer US 'shield'

Russian exclave to receive new S-400 and nuclear-capable Iskander missile systems in response to NATO's defence system.


Obama and European leaders discuss challenges

Talks in Germany on security and economic issues possibly US president's last in such a setting before Trump takes over.