Independent US study declares GE foods safe

Independent report finds no differences to suggest higher risk to health safety from GE foods than non-GE counterparts.

Climate Change

NASA: Global warming now changing how Earth wobbles

Scientists say massive melting of polar ice has affected the distribution of the planet's weight.


Scientists unveil potential schizophrenia breakthrough

Study described as a "game-changer" identifies possible cause of mental condition affecting about 1 percent of people.


Science museum in Rio looks towards Brazil's future

A $54 million science museum has opened in Rio de Janeiro as Brazil prepares for next year's summer Olympics.


First handshake between space and Earth

Researchers have demonstrated new advanced robotics that allow real-time remote control between Earth and space.


Lightsail spacecraft 'phones home' after falling silent

Scientists breathe sigh of relief after $4m experimental Lightsail1 spacecraft resumes contact.

Arts & Culture

'Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash dies in crash

Nobel Prize winner, who inspired Oscar winning movie, dies with his wife in a car accident in US state of New Jersey.

Science & Technology

Antibiotic advance wins African innovation prize

Innovation Prize for Africa awarded to Moroccan researcher for developing natural alternative to livestock antibiotics.

Science & Technology

Comet chaser forced to back off

The European Space Agency takes drastic action after eruptions of dust and gas force a reset of its Rosetta spacecraft.


Hadron collider restarted after two-year upgrade

World's largest particle smasher set in motion as scientists seek answers as to how universe came into existence.

Reporter's Notebook

On Downstream: Med-tech to change global healthcare

The week's top stories from the world of science and technology from Al Jazeera Technology Editor Tarek Bazley.

Middle East

Saudi cleric tries to debunk Earth's rotation

Video of cleric claiming the Earth does not rotate around the Sun has gone viral, generating both humour and criticism.

Al Jazeera Correspondent

MS & Me

Stephanie Scawen takes us on a journey through life as a Multiple Sclerosis patient and tracks the search for a cure.