Guards taken hostage at Brazil jail uprising

Rioters throw several fellow inmates from roof of jail as they take at least 12 guards and several prisoners hostage.


US activists protest against Modi visit

Al Jazeera speaks to some of the activists who oppose Indian PM's visit to the US for his handling of 2002 riots.


Deal reached to end deadly Brazil jail riot

Authorities in Cascavel reach deal with rioting prisoners who killed four fellow inmates and held two guards hostage.


Prisoners beheaded in Brazil jail riot

Cascavel city jail inmates kill four prisoners, two decapitated, as negotiations continue to free hostages.


Forced conversions torment Pakistan's Hindus

Hindus in Pakistan live in fear as girls from minority community forced to marry Muslim men amid official apathy.


In Pictures: Sri Lanka hit by religious riots

Military called in to restore order as two days of rioting and looting have led to four deaths in coastal towns.