Pakistan: Eight charged for journalism student's murder

University student Mashal Khan was stripped, beaten and shot during attack after being accused of committing blasphemy.


Pakistani student killed over alleged blasphemy

Mob attacks three students in university canteen over blasphemy allegation, killing one and wounding two others.


Mob kills Muslim man transporting cows in India

Officials say both sides are to blame for vigilante attack that also left six injured in the Hindu-majority country.


India state to give life sentences for cow slaughter

Hindu activists have long accused the Muslim-dominated meat industry of covering up the slaughter of cows.

Inside Story

What's the BJP's agenda in Uttar Pradesh?

India's ruling party is cracking down on butchers and abattoirs in the country's most populous state.


Pakistan vows punishment for online blasphemy

Blasphemy is punishable by death in Pakistan, but critics say it is being used to muzzle government critics.


Jesus's tomb restored after months of delicate work

Inauguration ceremony of newly renovated shrine marks the completion of a nine-month project.

United States

US Muslims and Jews strengthen bonds amid acts of hate

Bigoted rhetoric and harassment targeting both religions since the US presidential election has drawn people together.


Australia's Anglican Church 'ashamed' about child abuse

Australia's Anglican Church says it is 'ashamed' after a new report reveals the scale of child sex abuse.


Fear of discrimination after EU court's ban on religious symbols

People across Europe have lost the right to wear religious symbols at work. Europe's highest court has ruled that employers can ban items such as headscarves, but only if the ban applies to every religion.


Pakistan PM orders ban on 'blasphemous content' online

Pakistan's PM orders blocking of all social media content deemed blasphemous to Islam and for prosecution of suspects.


A feast of spectacular colour as Hindus celebrate Holi

Millions in the Indian subcontinent celebrate the Hindu festival with fervour.

Human Rights

What this picture means to me: Widows celebrating Holi

India's widows have traditionally been prevented from celebrating Holi, but while this is changing, rejection remains.


Myanmar restricts Buddhist monk over hate speech

'Face of Buddhist terror' ordered into silence by top religious body as deepening anti-Muslim tensions rise.

Middle East

Muting mosque bill gets initial thumbs up in Israel

Racism accusations as legislation to muffle calls to prayer in Israel and occupied East Jerusalem wins first backing.