Deal reached to rebuild war-ravaged Gaza

UN will monitor use of reconstruction materials in deal reached between Palestinian Authority and Israel.

Humanitarian crises

Gaza rebuild hindered by limited supplies

Residents continue to struggle with a lack of power and sewerage facilities a fortnight after end of Israeli attacks.

Humanitarian crises

Rebuilding Gaza could 'cost at least $7.8bn'

Palestinian Authority says reconstruction work in Gaza bombed by Israel could take up to five years to complete.

Humanitarian crises

Gaza awaits changes brought by truce

Level of need still high even as aid supplies are beginning to makes their way to battered enclave.

Human Rights

Palestinians struggle amid the rubble of Gaza

Residents in bombed-out enclave say Israel shelled and destroyed their livelihood indiscriminately.

Humanitarian crises

Billions needed to rebuild Gaza

Initial estimates suggest it could cost $6bn to rebuild infrastructure and thousands of homes after Israel's onslaught.