Fight for fifteen

For a group of struggling Americans, financial hardship begins to give way to some new opportunities.


Dreams deferred

We meet low-income families from across the US who struggle to keep up with their finances in the post-recession era.


Minimum wage

We explore the lives of low-income families in post-recession America who struggle to keep up with their finances.

Business & Economy

Getting By

Some 50 million Americans live below the official poverty line, and millions more are barely making ends meet. This series explores how people try to survive.


Rock Bottom

An intimate look at the lives of low-income American families who work hard to find new homes for their families.


The American Dream

We follow three American families as they fight to keep up with their financial demands while pursuing their dreams.

Business & Economy

HSBC to shed 25,000 jobs globally

Besides layoffs, bank announces withdrawal from Brazil and Turkey as it mulls leaving London hub and expanding in Asia.

Counting the Cost

South Africa: An economy under threat?

As the nation struggles with slowing growth and ongoing power cuts, we examine the state of the South African economy.

Head to Head

Inequality: Are the rich cashing in?

Mehdi Hasan challenges former Reagan economic adviser Arthur Laffer on whether slashing taxes helps rich and poor.


Greece election: The left's austerity showdown

Main opposition Syriza party's platform of delaying debt repayment aims to sweep vote and undo austerity hardship.

Business & Economy

Russian rouble in 'catastrophic decline'

President Putin faces major economic crisis as massive interest hike fails to kick-start Russia's currency.

Business & Economy

Young Italians finding prospects on the farm

Shunning white-collar jobs, young entrepreneurs are reclaiming and rebuilding the country's agricultural sector.

Business & Economy

Snap poll likely as Japan hit by recession

Dismal results expected to prompt Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to call a snap election in world's third largest economy.