Black Americans more often wrongfully convicted: study

African Americans more likely than white people to be convicted in error of crimes including murder and sexual assault.


FBI joins investigation into Sikh man's shooting

Activists want Trump administration to make hate crime a priority after Rai was shot and wounded near Seattle.


After attack on Sikh in Seattle 'we won't live in fear'

Sikh Coalition, a New York-based civil rights group, calls on Trump administration to prioritise hate crime prevention.


Roma kids in Slovakia 'segregated, bullied by teachers'

Slovakia's school system riddled with institutional racism, fails to prepare for life after school, rights groups say.

Xenophobia Attacks

Xenophobic violence in the 'Rainbow' nation

In the post-apartheid South Africa, resurgence of xenophobic violence is a symptom of the deep leadership deficit.

by Jean Pierre Misago


Citizenship as commodity: Free movement for the rich

The world is becoming a playground for the rich, as governments work towards putting a price on citizenship.

by Richard Seymour


Hollywood strikes defiant tone against Trump's America

Trump may have won the election, but Oscars revealed Hollywood has moved forward with its efforts to embrace inclusion.

by Kathryn Cramer Brownell


France fines National Front's Le Pen over Roma racism

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the 88-year-old founder of the far-right party, called members of persecuted minority 'smelly'.

Xenophobia Attacks

Homes and shops burned in anti-migrant S Africa attacks

Renewed anti-foreigner violence has raised fresh fears and uncertainty among members of migrant communities in S Africa.


Canada's own immigration ban

Canada is trying to be an example for the world by welcoming refugees, but its doors are still not open to Roma.

by Dafina Savic
- Debbie Folaron


London gallery faces protest over far-right ties

Anti-fascist activists accuse curator of far-right sympathies after exhibition of works by white supremacists.


Wife of slain Indian questioned immigrant safety in US

Indians demand protection after US gunman shoots dead one and wounds another as FBI investigates possible hate crime.


Anti-migrant protest in South Africa turns violent

Police fire tear gas and rubber bullets to break up local protesters who blame foreigners for unemployment and crime.

United States

White House: Too early to guess motive of Kansas attack

Spokesperson plays down concern shooting of Indian engineer was inspired by President Trump's stance on immigrants.


Killing of Indian man in US a hate crime: witnesses

Witnesses say attacker who opened fire on three men in a packed Kansas bar yelled 'get out of my country'.