Opposition to a Jewish state is a legitimate position

Jewish Labour activist who was suspended after being accused of anti-Semitism for criticising Israel tells her story.

by Jackie Walker

United Kingdom

UK students push for more non-white thinkers on courses

Students at SOAS want more black scholars on their courses but reject reports they want to drop white philosophers.

Labour Party

Battle over anti-Semitism in UK opposition

Al Jazeera reveals how charges of anti-Semitism by Labour group targeted Israel critics and saw some investigated.


'Islamophobia to blame' for South Africa mosque attacks

Muslim leaders call for calm and unity after mosques in Cape Town are defiled with pig blood and a pig's snout.


Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in British politics

Anti-Zionism is deliberately conflated with anti-Semitism to suppress legitimate criticisms of Israeli policies.

by Avi Shlaim


Charleston shooter Dylann Roof sentenced to death

White supremacist convicted of killing nine black churchgoers in 2015, expresses no regret for crime in final statement.


KKK members leave Klan after befriending black musician

Daryl Davis talks to Al Jazeera about how his efforts to reach out to white supremacists led to many renouncing racism.

United States

Chicago torture video: Four charged with hate crimes

African-American suspects beat and taunted a mentally disabled white man and shared a video of the attack on Facebook.

United States

Four arrested after video shows assault of Chicago man

African-American youths arrested after video of mentally disabled man being abused is shared on social media.


Now and then, who to blame?

While history does not repeat itself in full details, it always shows us some patterns that we should always consider.

by Ahmed Al Sheikh


Another incurable, ugly disease: Far-right populism

The year 2016 has been scarred by a persistent contagion - the resurgence of far-right populism.

by Andrew Mitrovica


Do black lives matter in the UK?

For many the current position of Britain's black population is one that is mired between achievement and marginalisation

Donald Trump

Stephen Bannon and disarming Israel

The exposed roots of Zionism in anti-Semitism are now a matter of factual evidence for the whole world to see.

by Hamid Dabashi

US & Canada

White supremacist found guilty of US church slaughter

Dylann Roof could now face death penalty after jury finds him guilty of killing nine black churchgoers in Charleston.


Why are Roma blamed for Europe's rejection of refugees?

The failed integration of Roma is not the reason why Europeans fear refugees, racism is.

by Andrzej Mirga